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River Bible Institute

River of Life Bible Institute (RBI) Certificate Program FALL Class Schedule is now available.

NEW MEMBER LEVEL I: Saturday - 1 Day Class Starts @ 9:00am September 05

A primary course of study for all new members, designed to acquaint newcomers with what our church believes to be fundamental for you in your walk with Christ, and your relationship with River of Life church. The material covered in these lessons are considered to be a short and precise overview of our basic doctrinal beliefs and thus we consider it important that you, the Perspective Member complete these lessons prior to receiving the Confirmation of Membership.

NEW MEMBER LEVEL II: Sundays – 8 Weeks (8:50am – 9:50am), September 06 – October 25

This Level II series of classes are the next step in membership at ROLC. They focus on discipleship and spiritual maturity. Members must complete these classes to participate in certain ministries at ROLC.

CATECHISM I: Sundays – 8 Weeks (8:50am – 9:50am), September 06 – October 25

This course is in basic Bible doctrine designed to strengthen the Christian and to provide a firm foundation in the Word of God. It includes teachings from both the Old and New Testament, showing how the Old is fulfilled in the New.

Journey From Despair To Delight: Sundays – 8 Weeks (8:50am – 9:50am), September 06 – October 25

This course is the study of Psalms, which contains expressions of human feelings, ranging from deep sorrow and repentance to great joy and happiness. The psalms also tell us how to worship God. This course study of some of the most beloved psalms include: Finding Lasting Happiness, Who Am I and Why Am I Here, When You Are Discouraged, How God Speaks to Us, Defeating Despair, Facing Your Fears, Dispelling Depression, Getting Rid of Your Guilt, When Life Seems Unfair, How God Wants Us To Worship Him, Searching for Significance, etc.

Journey into Debt-Free Living: Saturday – 1 Day Seminar (10:30am –1:30pm), September 19, 2015

Everyone needs to know how to have a “journey into debt-free living" because the number one contributing factor to divorce in the United States is personal debt. It is more of a problem than drugs and alcohol. Other than leading our children to faith in Christ, nothing is as important as what we teach them from God’s Word about managing their money. This lesson study on personal finance is filled with scriptures that teach about the dangers of debt and ways to successfully manage our money. Lesson titles include: Symptoms of Financial Bondage, Getting the Best Deal on an Automobile, What You Must Teach Your Kids About Money, Ten Commandments for Getting Out of Debt, and Is It Best To Buy or Rent a Home?

Journey into Becoming a Contagious Christian: Saturday – 8 Weeks (9:00am – 10:30pm), September 12 – October 31

This course prepares the student to discover how to become "contagious" Christians, we must be certain about the fundamentals of our faith. The book of First John tells us how to be certain of our faith in an uncertain world. Lesson titles study include: Being Certain Jesus is the Son of God, How To Stay Close to God, How To Be Sure You Are a Christian, Turning Down Temptation, Identifying Antichrists, Can a True Christian Habitually Sin?, What Is True Love?, When You Don't Feel Like a Christian, Detecting a False Teacher, How Much Does God Love Us?, Overcoming All Your Troubles, etc.

Journey Into Biblical Problem Solving: Pt 1 Saturdays – 8 Weeks (10:30am – 1:30pm), September 12 – October 31

This course take you verse-by-verse study of 1 Corinthians, an epistle full of principles for solving all kinds of problems. Lesson titles include: Maintaining a United House, People God Uses, How To Receive Divine Wisdom, How To Handle a Church Scandal, Maintaining Moral Purity, Biblical Marriage and Singleness, When Something Right Is Wrong, How To Avoid Sin, How To Make Good Decisions, Understanding and Using Spiritual Gifts, Untangling Tongues, What Will Your Resurrected Body Be Like?, How To Build Up Your Church, etc.

Deepening Your Spiritual Roots: Saturday–1 Day Class (10:30am–1:30pm), October 10, 2015

This course is designed to help Christians obey the command found in Colossians 2:6-7. We deepen our spiritual roots the same way we receive Christ, through faith. When a person is truly saved, he or she will want to know more about Jesus Christ to deepen his or her spiritual roots. Designed for new Christians and new church members, lesson titles in the study include: Your Spiritual Salvation, Your Spiritual Assurance, Your Spiritual Breath (prayer), Your Spiritual Food (the Bible), Your Spiritual Family (the church), Your Spiritual Battle (temptation), and Your Spiritual Witness (sharing your faith).

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Thursday Night Teaching “TNT”
Thu Oct 27 @ 7:00PM - 08:00PM
Learning Zone @ The River
Sun Oct 30 @ 8:50AM - 09:50AM
Youth Celebration
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Sun Oct 30 @10:00AM - 11:30AM

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